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1) How long does it take to get my brochure sale started?

We can generally send your needed brochures and other materials within one week from the date of order. However, if you are planning a project for a larger group (350 or more) it is always better to plan ahead to be comfortable with your start date.

2) How long should I plan to run the project?

Most groups allow the order-taking to be done over a 10 day to 2 week period. It is best to start previous to a week-end, this allows sellers the opportunity to visit relatives and friendly neighbors to ask for their support. Some areas have restrictions concerning an allowable time frame. Consult your school or group leaders concerning what is allowable in your area. Once order-taking is complete and forms have been gathered, you can return the orders in a pre-addressed envelope that we have provided or scan them and send by email. We will then tally your sales, send reports for you to confirm and then pack your orders for shipment. Orders are shipped about 2-3 weeks from the day you mailed them to us. Orders are ready to hand out to each seller when they arrive. We guarantee our tally and pack services to be correct.

3) We need to do the project to raise money for our group. Are there any up-front costs I need to know about?

We do not charge your group for any sales items or services up-front. All brochures, materials and their shipping are FREE to you!

4) When and how much do we have to pay?

We never ask your group to send in ALL the money and then send back just your profit portion, as some internet sales companies require. You will only be required to pay the cost based upon your actual sales level once all your orders have been tallied. Your account may be billed to a public school purchase order issued by your treasurer. Most other groups are required to pay the cost only previous to shipment. We can arrange secured credit terms for groups that work with us frequently.

5) What about the money? Should our sellers collect the money as they sell, or should they collect money when they deliver the products to our supporters?

We leave that up to the individual fundraising committee, but it makes it easier to conclude the sale if your sellers collect as they sell. The money is then already in your treasurer’s account, so there is no waiting for people to turn it in later. Another plus is that your sellers will be more likely to pick up their orders quickly, if they have been previously paid.

6) In what states are your products available?

Answer: We service the USA Coast-to-Coast with most of our product lines. Some items and projects are available for use in Alaska and Hawaii.

7) How will the shipment be delivered?

Gift type order taker programs that sell less than $5,000 are generally delivered by a package service company. If you have a preference for ground service we will use the service you request. We ship UPS or USPS for ground service packages. Orders larger than $5,000 are generally shipped by freight truck. Frozen foods are shipped cold by special service. Temperature sensitive items such as chocolate are shipped weather permitting.

8) Do you set limits on the size of our order?

No, we do not set limits and there is no set minimum order for most of our programs. Your profit percent is increased by the total amount of products ordered.

9) We want to sell more than just cookie dough. How do we add in other products?

We offer three great ways to use frozen gourmet foods for your fundraiser. First there is our Premier Service level: We tally, provide seller and group reports, make coordinated shipping arrangements and send each seller’s order packed with group name notations. All orders are ready to give to each seller. We guarantee our tally and pack services, no need to check each order as the student picks them up. We offer Premier Service service for all of our frozen gourmet projects but highly recommend them for our variety catalogs Simply Delicious or Extravaganza that includes chocolates, cheese & meats, magazine vouchers, kitchen and gift wrap items. Other frozen selections are offer with two more options to help increase your profits. They are: Classic Cookies or Cheesecake, Zap A Snack, Heidi’s Strudel and Auntie Annie’s Pretzels. The second option for higher profits is: We tally, provide seller and group reports, ship just the items you need to fill orders, co-ordinate delivery day and your group handles and distributes for each seller. The third option for even higher profits is: We tally, provide seller and group reports, co-ordinate delivery and ship all items as full case packs. Your group handles and distributes for each seller. You will have extra products to sell as all products are shipped only by full cases. We offer free tips for your distribution co-ordinator on "how to" handle and sell the extras.

10) We want awards for our sellers, how do you do that?

We offer higher profits for groups that manage their own awards / prize programs. Some groups prefer our color brochure offerings and service for their awards. If you decide to use one of our brochure awards programs, we will tally and pack those for you along with your products for easy distribution.

11) How do we get a sale started?

You can order brochures and awards brochures directly within our shopping cart system. Please note in the customer message box during check-out, your expected start date for your project. What could be easier? Not sure what you want to do? If you would like to speak with a sales consultant you can email or call for a phone appointment. We would be pleased to hear from you and look forward to working with you and your group!

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