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Award ideas and options for your successful project.

We offer high profits, free supplies and free shipping.
Developing a great prize program is an important compliment for your project.

You can pick a color brochure award option at the same time you sign up for your project.
Your group can offer top seller cash awards based upon expected total sales and profits.

We offer incentive ideas and alternatives to using a color brochure prize program. Your group may qualify for a 5 pound chocolate bar for use as top seller award or for use as a drawing incentive. Example: Anyone who sells 5 items will have their name entered in the drawing. Ask your contacts - local business may contribute awards for use toward your efforts. Some business offer cost reduced items such as gift certificates, bowling game cards or movie passes etc. Your group can offer popcorn, ice cream or a pizza party for top sellers or a top selling class or grade level. Plan for fun activities - sell 5 items offer a ticket for fun activities, special passes or privileges. Set up a challenge and reward - winning group wins and so do your profits! We offer a satisfaction guarantee on our products and services. We regard your privacy and security. More ideas & details at the bottom of this page.

Way To Glow
all levels feature light up or glow
offered August 2016 - May 2017

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Accumulative Prize Program
Elementary - Interm - MS - Junior High

more items ordered
more prizes received, up to 9

Your cost is 5% of sales and includes our gold star service of tally and pack by seller with free shipping. Your total profit is normally increased by offering awards. Your decision about using an award brochure and offering top seller awards will affect the success of all of your efforts. Our full color prize envelope is printed with item levels.

We provide the awards for individual sellers for groups doing their project with us.
All items are CPSIA compliant and of the best quality. All items may come in assorted colors (shipper's choice). Items may vary in size and configuration according to availability. Batteries are not included with some awards.Awards begin with an order of one item and increase in value for each level earned.
A – sell 1-3, flashing emoji ball key chain
A+B – sell 4-7, flashing emoji ring
A+B+C – sell 8-11, light up wrist band
A+B+C+D – sell 12-15, bag of smiles
A+B+C+D+E – sell 16-23, 3" light up color changing clock
A+B+C+D+E+F – sell 24-35, 16 oz. light up tumbler with lid
A+B+C+D+E+F+G - sell 36-47, light up bubble speaker
A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H – sell 48-71, we glowz light-up headphones
A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H+I – sell 72 or more, remote control light-up drone

order the award brochures needed in the quantity box

Developing your prize program is an important element for the project’s success.

Must I offer a prize program? There is no simple answer to this question. Prizes when done right help create excitement, enthusiasm and reward individuals for a job well done. Prizes and other incentives can help your fundraiser be more fun and earn more profit! Groups using a prize program normally achieve better results than groups without a prize program. Schools or groups that offer prizes have more people participate. These sellers are more motivated and as a result, your fundraiser is more effective and raises more money. Prizes are a terrific way to say thank you and congratulations!

Am I required to offer a prize program? absolutely not. We do not require any group to offer incentives. Some sellers have their own reasons and their own incentive. Some are earning dollars to be applied to a trip expense etc.

How much do I need to spend if I don't choose a color brochure prize program? Costs should be reasonable; most sellers are helping earn money for a group that they identify with and want to help out. Overspending does not guarantee better results but communication about your overall project will go a long way to build better results. Most groups spend an average cost of about three to five percent of expected sales. Prize costs should be in proportion to your group's size and your expected goal. The bigger the goal - the more you need incentives! Give awards and have drawings for sellers who don't reach the top seller category. You make more money if 200 people sell 5 items, than if 5 people sell 30 items. Prize costs can be drastically reduced by seeking business partners who will donate prizes. Make a plan and call ahead a make an arrangement to meet when they are not experiencing their peak time of the work day. Identify yourself and present a request on group letterhead paper, if possible. There is no single best prize. Great prizes depend on your group's age, size and type.

Prizes basically come in two types: develop your own OR pre-packaged programs such as our color award brochures. These pre-designed incentive award programs offer great incentives for pre-school, elementary, intermediate, middle and junior high group's requirements. Please review these prize programs and select one that best fits your group. Plus we offer numerous suggestions for creating your own prize programs.

What kind of prize program should your group present to the sellers? Prizes are generally awarded based on three variations or a combination of these variables.
#1 - Top Seller awards are based upon amounts sold or amounts collected. These are generally considered to be the grand prizes. Some examples of grand prizes are X-Box, DVD Players, Electronic Game Equipment, Cash Awards, Prom Tickets and Concert Tickets etc. Several prizes may be awarded to your top sellers. Example: Create awards for the Top 3 Sellers, Top 5 Sellers or Top 10 sellers.
#2 - Step-level prizes are considered non-competitive and are awarded based upon a seller reaching a certain target goal. Example: Sellers earn prizes if they attain goals of $50, $100, $150, $200 in amounts sold. Prizes for step-level prize programs increase in value as the goal increases.
#3 - Class or team awards are based on top seller within their group. Some project coordinators offer awards to as many as the top three groups. Example: An elementary school may offer Ice Cream Sundae Parties for the top selling class in each grade for kindergarten, 1st 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. In addition to awarding the top classes, don't forget the group leaders or teachers who helped them be a winner.

Prizes take more time, cost and effort! We don't believe in prizes, our families will do it for the good of the school. Have you forgotten what it was like when you were a kid? You didn't do it just for the good of the school and the kids today are no different. Prizes were important then and prizes are just as important now. Prizes make it fun and prizes are an important way of recognizing those who have done a great job!

What if they cause a problem? You don't believe in competition. Okay, when did your school stop giving grades or evaluating school's academic performance or assessing teachers' skills or when did colleges stop looking at SAT's and GPA's? We are also against mean or unfair competition but fundraising isn't about meanness or unfairness. Fundraising is about doing important things for your group or school that otherwise would not be possible to attain.

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