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Two Year Planner Pocket Calendars

We offer TOP PROFITS & FREE Shipping!
You can order packs and sell them directly to your supporters.

Or you can request a FREE *Custom Designed Order Taker.
You print your custom forms and get your project started right away.

We offer Patriotic, Religious and Designer Style 2 Year Planners.

Our Authorize.net secure system accepts VISA, MasterCard & Discover. PayPal & school purchase orders are also accepted.

Two - Year Planners (2014+2015)
sold by the pack of 12

Pick Your Favorites and Create Your Own Sales Kits

amounts are based upon the suggested selling price of $3.50
you decide what selling price is right for your group and area

minimum order is 6 packs of 12 each is 72 items = $252.00
your 52% profit is $131.04 - your total cost is $120.96

Fast...free shipping USA coast to coast, following styles ship 7/2013 thru 3/2014

These have been a classic favorite for nearly 40 years. We offer a nice selection of patriotic, spiritual and designer styles. Made and assembled in the USA, each calendar measures 6 7/8” x 3 5/8” to conveniently fit in pocket or purse. They have a month at a glance design with enough space to enter appointments, meetings and more. Handy pocket calendar has 24 months plus space for personal information and numerous note sections. Each month has holidays and an inspirational message. Birthstone and flower of the month are noted and a sturdy plastic cover protects it all. Sorry, we do not accept returns on these dated 2 year planners.

order your free tote bags and envelopes, limited to one set for each pack of 12

*We offer a custom designed order taker with your group's information.
Select 6-10 styles and call to request your form to be designed.
We send the forms by email and you print as needed.

OR: Place your order and sell direct to your supporters.
We offer FREE tote bags and money collection envelopes by request.

We guarantee Alpha Fundraising's proven products and services. We also offer the BEST of NEW fundraising ideas.

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