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Boston’s Best Coffee Fundraiser - $1 pre-assorted backpacks

*8 assorted flavors – each 1.3 oz pillow pack makes 10 to 12 cups
earn 37% up to 51% profit with fast free shipping, USA coast to coast

3 ways to sell Boston's coffee presorted backpacks - select your favorites - customized order taker
these perfect pot packets are ideal for school & adult community groups

proudly roasted in the USA and packed fresh
these $1 packs are not temperature sensitive and can be shipped to any region during any season

Please allow 2 weeks shipping for orders of 10 or more cases.

Our Authorize.net secure cart accepts VISA, MasterCard & Discover cards. PayPal & school purchase orders are also accepted.

Boston's Best Coffee Backpacks
*8 assorted flavors, prepacked

The Money Is In The Bag!
Ultimate Coffee Break
easy to sell $1 packs - easy to handle

52 count backpacks = $52
beginning profit per bag is 37% = $19.24
9 backpacks per case earns $173.16

each 1.3 oz fresh ground pillow pack
makes 10 up to 12 cups of coffee

2 billion cups of gourmet coffee are served annually
your organization should be sharing in the profits!

This presorted backpack option is the easiest and fastest way to start your project. You can order one case for a small group with as few as 9 participants to get started. Your members can show, sell and begin collecting your dollars the moment they arrive. Every seller keeps the trendy ecofriendly drawstring backpack. It’s an instant prize that can be used for beach, over-nights, sports and so much more. Each backpack contains 52 assorted coffees: 10 – Colombian Blend, 8 – French Vanilla, 8 Hazelnut Crème, 6 – French Roast, 6 – Jamaican Me Crazy, 5 Chocolate Raspberry, 5 – Rainforest Nut Crème and 4 Natural Decaf. These perfect pot packets are ideal for gift baskets, motor homes & travel, party favors, grab bag gifts, hostess gifts, trying out new flavors or keeping on hand for unexpected guests. These are great to take to work for a treat at the office; they are naturally fat free & sugar free! You can display them on the table at bake sales to help increase your sales. These can be sold at sporting events or outside your local supporters store, bank or other business. Boston's Best Coffee has been honored with 5 star "Award of Excellence" from the Fine Beverage & Food Federation.

Zoom...we ship fast, fresh and free...USA coast to coast

Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 9     10 - 19     20+  
Price $294.84 $271.44 $248.04 $229.32
► earn 37%, 42%, 47% up to 51% profit based upon quantity ordered

*Boston’s Best Coffee: 8 assorted flavors and their descriptions
Colombian Blend - A classic among gourmet coffees, with a luxurious taste that awakens your senses.

French Vanilla - This all-time favorite gets rave reviews-the perfect complement of creamy vanilla and a dab of spice in a caramelized background.

Hazelnut - Go ahead live a little! The classic taste of Hazelnut will make you "nuts" for this gourmet coffee.

Jamaican Me Crazy - It's like taking an instant vacation with this lively mix of caramel, vanilla and mocha coffee liqueur. Go ahead, indulge yourself!

French Roast - The most popular of all dark roasted coffee - always a winner.

Chocolate Raspberry - A dash of chocolate and a pinch of raspberry will leave you wanting more of this delicious gourmet coffee.

Rainforest Nut Crème - The pairing of nuts and vanilla in this scrumptious coffee will make you want to swing from the vines.

Natural Decaf - Leave the challenges of the day behind and escape in the smoothness of this classic decaf. It's chemical free, leaving only natural coffee taste.

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