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free custom design forms
order taker for Boston's Best Coffee

easy to take $1 orders - easy to handle
so easy to make money

$1 coffee pillow packs = $1
your profit per pack is 38¢ up to 43¢ each
most supporters order several flavors

each 1.3 oz fresh ground pillow pack
makes 10 up to 12 cups of coffee

2 billion cups of gourmet coffee are served annually
your organization should be sharing in the profits!

Want to take orders for all of the 10 flavors? We will customize your order form for your group. We charge NO set-up fee. We send the forms by email for approval then you print as many as you need. The front top will say

Take A Break...
and help support
(Your Group's Name)
with "The Ultimate Coffee Break"
from Boston's Best Coffee Roasters
(we can add more information by request, such as your group's cause)

Simply enter one item in the quantity box. During checkout there will be a text box available for you to tell us how you want your group's name and information displayed. You will get an email copy of your form to proof read. We can update your form with any needed corrections or additions. Your customized, black and white order taker has a grid on the 2nd page for easy ordering. These flavorful coffee pillow packs are easy to sell and they are ideal to make in office break rooms. You can sell at work, school, and church or to friends and family. Many banks and business offer coffee for their customers, contact professional people you know about this project and they may want to buy a month's supply. Boston's Best Gourmet Coffee has been honored with the 5 star "Award of Excellence" from the Fine Beverage & Food Federation.

Supporters will want to try all the flavors featured on the form: 100% Colombian, Chocolate Raspberry, Cinnamon, French Roast, French Vanilla Crème, Hazelnut Crème, Jamaican Me Crazy, Natural Decaf, Pumpkin Spice and Rain Forest Nut.

earn 43% profit on sales of $5,000 or more
earn 42% profit on sales of $2,800 - $4,999
earn 40% profit on sales of $1,200 - $2,799
earn 38% profit on sales of $600 - $1,199
less than 600 packs, shipping cost of $25.00

Project details: No up-front money or minimum number of sellers required. We are here to provide help and advice and we provide a toll free fax line for you to send in your coffee order. Your group leader tallies up the orders and we will ship to the piece, the amount of products needed. No unwanted extras will be sent that might cut into your profits earned on your total sales. Once you receive the products, you distribute to your own sellers.

We design; you can print your forms on one page printed front + back. We suggest using 2 sheets so that your supporters can view the selections while they are placing their order. You can print what you need to get started and more as needed. We can start on your forms if you enter your group's information in a text box during free checkout.
Please email or call to request your form or to get started right away.

Collegiate Neighborhood Flags
earn 50% up to 55% profit
now - December 2016

download pdf

Collegiate Licensed Spirit Flags

This one page flyer can be used as a tag with any of our pick-2 brochures. Your supporters can gear up with gifts for the entire family, no matter how diverse their education path. It is a solid money making project for groups located in the region of the following universities: Appalachian State University, Clemson University, Duke University, East Carolina University, James Madison University, North Carolina State University, Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University, Ohio State University, Old Dominion University, Penn State University, University of Alabama, University of Florida, University of Mississippi, University of North Carolina, University of South Carolina, Old Dominion University, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech University, VCU or West Virginia University.

Prices are $18 for a garden flag and $38 for a large licensed house flag.

You can select a 2nd brochure, we combined total sales to earn higher profit on both.

Profit guide based on retail sales.
Earn Top Profits, awards are not provided.
Large groups may qualify for one free TOP SELLER incentive.
Earn 55% profit on sales of $6,000 or more
54% profit on sales of $4,000 - $5,999
52% profit on sales of $2,000 - $3,999
50% profit on sales less than $2,000 - no minimum order
Order 20 items or less, we ship bulk packed, send tally records and you distribute.

We offer many free ideas to do your own prizes or we can provide your awards.
We offer top seller incentives plus awards for everyone!
We offer an accumulated color brochure that awards all sellers. view on our AWARDS page
Your cost is 5% of sales and includes our gold star service of tally and pack by seller.

Program details: No up-front money or minimum number of sellers required.
#1 - We provide FREE brochures, order forms and award brochures.
#2 - We provide FREE money collection envelopes for your sellers.
#3 - We provide FREE shipping of sales and award publications that you have chosen.
#4 - We provide FREE an addressed, return envelope for you to return the order forms.
#5 - We provide FREE computer tally records for each seller, group and project reports.
#6 - We provide FREE packing of products by seller. We also student pack awards.
#7 - We provide FREE shipping of your orders, USA coast to coast.

Order your free brochures and supplies to get started and set your project dates!

we also offer customized or standard personalized donation scratch cards and gourmet frozen foods that help earn big profit

Alphafundraising's proven products and services are Guaranteed. We also offer the best of new fundraising ideas.

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