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Easter and springtime ideas for fundraising or basket gifts.

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Free Lollipop Tree on 3 or more cases of sugar pops. Select on dropdown box during purchase.

We ship chocolate items when temperatures are not expected over 75° and previous to their season only.

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Starlyn's Chocolate Rabbits
Hop into Spring with Bunnies Galore!
$1 Sellers

premier chocolate lollipops that are easy to sell
total of 10 boxes of 36 each = 360 per case
pops are .8 oz. on an 8" stick wrapped in a clear cello bag
Easter chocolate rabbit pops feature a yellow colored tie

Standard MIXED Bunnies or
each flavor offered by the full case

free shipping on 1 case
each 36 count box earns $14.76 profit

we also offer an ► order taker project

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Your order arrives in 2-5 days.
Starlyn's is produced in a certified PEANUT FREE facility.
Starlyn's Chocolates are MADE in USA and are OU-D certified kosher dairy.

You can select any combination of mixed case, milk chocolate or white bunny pops to earn the quantity price break.

Starlyn's - MIXED EASTER - Case contains:
6 boxes of 36 Milk Chocolate Bunnies and 4 boxes of 36 White Bunnies
Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 4     5 - 9     10+  
Price $212.40 $205.20 $198.00 $194.40
► earn 41%, 43%, 45%, up to 46% profit based upon quantity ordered

Starlyn's - Milk Chocolate Bunny, 10 boxes of 36
Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 4     5 - 9     10+  
Price $212.40 $205.20 $198.00 $194.40
► earn 41%, 43%, 45%, up to 46% profit based upon quantity ordered

Starlyn's - White Bunny, 10 boxes of 36
Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 4     5 - 9     10+  
Price $212.40 $205.20 $198.00 $194.40
► earn 41%, 43%, 45%, up to 46% profit based upon quantity ordered


Easter JOY
Sweet Lollipops


50¢ sellers earn 51% profit of $163.20
Chick, Egg & Bunny Shaped Pops
available seasonally for treats or fundraising
free shipping on 1 case - each bag earns $10.20

Each case contains: 16 pre-assorted handle bags of 40 pops and money envelopes. All pops are individually wrapped 28 grams each of gourmet flavors: Wild Cherry, Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Green Apple, Lemonade and Strawberry Shake.

Fact: JOY pops are allergen free.
We ship fast and fresh. Zoom...FREE SHIPPING, arrives in 3-7 days.

Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 9     10+  
Price $156.80 $150.40 $147.20
► earn 51%, 53% up to 54% profit based upon quantity ordered
►earned profit per case $163.20 - $169.60 - $172.80


Smencils for Spring
gifts or sales


10 carrier buckets of 50 per case = $500
your profit per case is 41% = $205

we suggest you sell them for $1
each bucket sold earns $20.50 profit
or these are great for Easter or springtime gifts

Spring scents and top cap: Bubble Gum (Bunny), Cotton Candy (Bunny), Jelly Bean (Egg), Sour Apple (Egg) and Tutti Frutti (Chick)

There are 50 Spring Smencils (10 each of 5 scents with an eraser and a top cap) in each bucket. Smencils are made from 100% recycled newspapers. Great environmental project for service and ecology clubs! Smencils are guaranteed to maintain their scent for at least two years. Made with #2 HB Graphite Cores with a handy eraser top.

Zoom...FAST FREE SHIPPING, USA Coast to Coast!
order early, this is a seasonal item and once the supply is sold, they are gone

Quantity   1 - 3     4 - 9     10+  
Price $295.00 $285.00 $275.00
► earn 41%, 43% up to 45% profit based upon quantity ordered

Solid Chocolate Bunny - case of 24
Scott's by MASCOT - OU-D

Conejo solido chocolate con leche

Easter is April 16th, 2017...remember to order early.
Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny This is an adorable sculpted 7" tall Spring Bunny that is solid chocolate. Certified Kosher Dairy
6 oz. in a Colorful Gift Box (ribbon not included) ► option to take orders

suggested selling price of $7 x 24 each per case = $168.00
51% profit of $3.57 each = $85.68

Zoom...fast, free shipping, USA coast to coast

Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 5     6 - 11     12+  
Price $82.32 $78.96 $75.60 $73.92
► earn 51%, 53%, 55% up to 56% profit based upon quantity ordered

Lollipop Stand
Tree Counter Display

Easy to put together, 18" tall and holds 85 pops.

Order 3 or more cases of sweet or sour pops, select on dropdown box during purchase. We will send your bonus item.

These are perfect for room fundraising or for a concession stand display.
Zoom...fast free shipping, arrives in 3-7 days.

Art in Nature - Guaranteed to Grow
earn 50%...up to 55% profit
Spring 2017 Planting for Summer Blooms

download pdf
Honeybee Garden Flower Mat
Help Save the bees! A portion of proceeds
go towards honeybee conservation.

This is America's green fundraising project that has lots of appeal. If offers a very nice selection for gardens, patio and naturalizing. It features hanging garden kits for urban dwellers. All herb and vegetable kits include seeds that are organic and GMO free. The 8 page brochure offers 30 items with prices beginning at just $6 up to $26 for the spectacular 80 bulb Colorfest Collection. This project can begin as early as mid-February or as late as early May. We ship orders early March through mid-May.

Bonus Bulb Givaway!
Sell 500 units from this brochure and we will send 250 flower bulbs at no additional charge. You can plant as a community or classroom project and "Beautify Your World."

You can select a 2nd brochure, we combined total sales to earn higher profit on both.

Profit guide based on retail sales.
Earn Top Profits, awards are not provided.
Large groups may qualify for one free TOP SELLER incentive.
Earn 55% profit on sales of $6,000 or more
54% profit on sales of $4,000 - $5,999
52% profit on sales of $2,000 - $3,999
50% profit on sales less than $2,000 - no minimum order

We offer many free ideas to do your own prizes or we can provide your awards.
We offer top seller incentives plus awards for everyone!
We offer an accumulated color brochure that awards all sellers. view on our AWARDS page
Your cost is 5% of sales and includes our gold star service of tally and pack by seller.

Program details: No up-front money or minimum number of sellers required.
#1 - We provide FREE brochures, order forms and award brochures.
#2 - We provide FREE money collection envelopes for your sellers.
#3 - We provide FREE shipping of sales and award publications that you have chosen.
#4 - We provide FREE an addressed, return envelope for you to return the order forms.
#5 - We provide FREE computer tally records for each seller, group and project reports.
#6 - We provide FREE packing of products by seller. We also student pack awards.
#7 - We provide FREE shipping USA coast to coast where permitted by state and USDA.

Order your free brochures and supplies to get started and set your project dates!

We assure YOUR order's quality & freshness. We do not accept returns on case candy orders.

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