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Fundraising 101:

Successful steps for a profitable fundraiser.
• Decide on one of our “ Satisfaction Guaranteed” programs.
• Have a planning session – Define the purpose and attainable goal for your project. Set a date to begin and obtain permission as needed. We suggest projects be allowed to run 10 days lasting over 2 weekends.
• Place your sales product or brochure order with our convenient web-site system or Contact Us for help with answers to your questions. We are here to help you through each step of your project. We will supply a booklet of FREE Information and Tips concerning your chosen order-taker project.
• Announce your upcoming project to the students, teachers and community.
• Promote your fundraiser with a parent letter, posters and announcements.
• Hold a “kick-off” rally, which encourages the students to participate in your fundraising program. Explain your purpose and goals for the project. Build enthusiasm to reach the set goals. Display and explain your awards program.
• Start the fundraiser!
• Monitor progress and provide encouragement and incentives to keep your sellers motivated.
• Once the fundraiser is complete, collect the money and/or order forms.
• Use our prepaid shipping package to send us your order forms.
• We tally your forms and prepare all reports for your group.
• Once we have received your order forms we will confirm your expected shipping date.
• Remind students and parents to pick up delivered products as announced. It may be helpful to have responsible students or volunteers distribute the orders.
• Ask sellers to report any problems with their order as soon as possible. We guarantee pre-packed orders to be correct and delivered in good condition.
Contact Us concerning any problems, we are here to help with your project.
• Have students deliver their products and collect money. Remind students to thank your supporters.
• Wrapping up your project, return any order-taker items in need of credit. Make arrangements for payment of your invoice.
• Enjoy the benefits of this project. Visit our site again, we are showing new items and brochures for each season. Begin planning your next fundraiser.

Fundraiser Safety Tips:

Your children’s safety while doing fundraising is an important priority.
That's why we discourage any student from selling door-to-door or selling to strangers.

Fundraising Safety Do's and Do Not’s:

A. Be Safe & Be Smart -- Use your common sense.
B. Make a list of friends, family, relatives and neighbors to contact and avoid door-to-door sales.
C. Parents must be involved with each fundraising activity.
D. Follow all the instructions provided.
E. Make sure parents have approved who you intend to ask to support your group.
F. Use the phone to call or text family and friends to ask them to help your group by making a purchase.
G. Ask your parents to take products or an order-taker to work.
H. Never allow children to carry collected money unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
I. Use the buddy system - don't sell alone.
J. Do not carry large amounts of cash.
K. Never talk to strangers.
L. Never go out after dark.

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State by State Tax Exempt Information:

You need to be aware of your state's laws concerning tax exempt status for nonprofit groups. Each states laws vary by type of group as well as type of project chosen for sales. The above link is provided for your convenience and in no way should be considered as legal advice for your particular group or project.

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