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Claudia Layne Fudge, 12 flavor brochure for your fund raising project.
all natural - 0 trans fats - gluten free

The Best Fudge to EVER Cross Your Lips!!
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Claudia Layne Fudge
The Best Fudge to EVER Cross Your Lips!
earn 41% up to 50% profit
now - December 2016

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proudly made in the USA - no refrigeration required
great for deliveries when warm weather is a factor
12 top selling flavors, one price $18

Claudia Layne has discovered the perfect fudge recipe. With over 30 years experience, they blend only the richest, freshest Pennsylvania dairy products and pure cane sugar. To this is added wholesome natural ingredients such as fresh roasted Georgia pecans, English walnuts, creamy smooth peanut butter and the purest chocolate. Each batch is then hand stirred and individually cooked to perfection. This creamy, decadent fudge is made with 0 trans fats and 10 of the 12 flavors are gluten free. Incredible tasting fudge comes in a beautiful box for gift giving, if you can part with it. If not, you can personally indulge!

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