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gourmet quality frozen foods for your fundraiser

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough - Zap a Snack - Heidi's Desserts - Auntie Annie's
earn 30% up to 45% profit with fast *free shipping

we offer an all foods catalog and food with other products catalog
please allow up to 10 days for your project supplies to arrive

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Simply Delicious
Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising
earn 30% up to 45% profit

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an outstanding project by itself, inside cover features:
Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising
14 fantastic flavors pre-portioned for easy bake & serve

Our brochure's cover also features CINNABON, Oreo Churros and the always top selling Zap a Snack’s French Bread Pizzas. We offer five Zap flavor selections that are microwaveable and fantastic hot from a toaster oven. The back cover features two selections of CINNABON that include ready-to-enjoy and a Cinnamon Bun Baking Kit. Also offered are Zia’s Jalapeno and Pepperoni flavored snack sensations. Classic Cheesecake selections that include: Carmel Turtle, Strawberry Swirl plus a 40 oz. Cheesecake; Pre-cut Sliced 12 Variety Sampler. It also offers Aunt Annie's Soft Pretzels, Nuggets and Pretzel Dogs. Funnel Cakes, Garlic Biscuit Mix, Gumbo Mix and three Trio Mix Sets by Homemade Gourmet are next in our fantastic line-up alongside our Heidi’s Braided Breads that are ready to eat and made with 100% real butter and real fruit or cream cheese. We also offer Heidi's Homemade Desserts such as Pumpkin and Red Velvet Rolls with Cream Cheese Filling and light and fluffy Cinnamon Rolls. Our dessert collection now includes Pound Cakes and Otis Spunkmeyer Double Chocolate Chip Brownies! Price Range is $8 to $26

no up-front money or minimum number of sellers required
order 400 or more items for free shipping within 1,000 miles of Ohio ► free delivery map

#1 - We provide FREE sales brochures and award brochures.
#2 - We provide FREE order forms and money collection envelopes for your sellers.
#3 - We provide FREE shipping of sales and award publications that you have chosen.
#4 - We provide FREE a return mailing envelope for you to return the order forms.
#5 - We provide FREE computer records for each seller, group and total project reports.
#6 - We provide FREE cold shipping of your orders. minimum of 400 items required
#7 - We include packing of products by seller name and marked by class or group.

TOP PROFITS: Your group provides its own incentives.
Large groups may qualify for one free TOP SELLER incentive.
Earn 45% profit on sales of more than 1,000 items
Earn 43% profit on sales of 500 - 999 items
Earn 41% profit on sales of 400 - 499 items. *FREE SHIPPING STARTS HERE*
Earn 38% profit on sales of 300 - 399 items.
Earn 35% profit on sales of 200 - 299 items.
Earn 30% profit on sales of 150 - 199 items.
Less than 400 items a shipping charge of $1 for each item under 400.
Sell 300, shipping cost is $100 or less. Sell 200 shipping cost is $200 or less.

We offer many free ideas to do your own prizes or we can provide your awards.
We offer top seller incentives plus awards for everyone!
Ton of Prizes is our brochure for use with frozen gourmet projects. view on AWARDS page
Your cost is 5% of sales and includes our gold star service of tally and pack by seller.

Want more profit WITHOUT more hassle?
Select a second brochure with higher profits offered. We will combine sales records and ship for easy distribution. There is a minimum order of 150 frozen items for shipping.

Order your free brochures and supplies to get started and set your project dates!

*FREE Shipping, see brochure details, some offerings are delivered free to a limited USA area with minimum order required.

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