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Stone House Mixes
New name is: MIX-IN MAGIC
Gourmet Flavor Hand Mixed
Packed with Pride in the USA

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order your free fundraiser project supplies

earn 41% up to 51% profit!

profit and cost amounts based
upon the selling price of $5.00

made with the finest ingredients available anywhere

Stone House Mixes (MIX-IN MAGIC) is a Pennsylvania company specializing in gourmet dry food mixes. All recipes are created and hand made in their FDA approved, PA Preferred facility. They use only the finest herbs and spices to create flavorful, high quality products. All of their recipes are made in small batches and measured by weight for consistency. Each packet is then hand poured, labeled and ready for shipment.

Fast...free shipping, USA coast to coast

order taker offers 28 Savory mixes - 20 Sweet mixes
9 Soup mixes are offered on an optional page

41% profit of $2.05 on 36 items is $73.80 - your cost of $2.95 on 36 is $106.20

order 36 - 120 items and earn 41% profit of $2.05 - your cost is $2.95 each
order 121 - 199 items and earn 46% profit of $2.30 - your cost is $2.70 each
order 200 or more items and earn 51% profit of $2.55 - your cost is $2.45 each

minimum order is 36, order less than 72 items, we send your detailed seller records and ship bulk packed, then you distribute to your sellers

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order taker for Happy Home Flavorings

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your 50% profit on 48 bottles is $120.00
we design your form with your information, then we send a proof for your approval

suggested selling price is $5.00 - you decide what price is right for your area
you tally the orders & we ship free – you distribute to the sellers

earn 55% profit on sales of 1,000 or more bottles
earn 54% profit on sales of 600 - 999 bottles
earn 52% profit on sales of 145 - 599 bottles
earn 50% profit on sales of 48 - 144 bottles

These are some of the finest flavorings available anywhere. All Happy Home Flavorings come in family-size 7 oz. shatterproof bottles with tamper-evident seals. Created in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia; Happy Home® Flavoring is carefully crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients. Thousands of organizations nationwide have earned money with Virginia's Finest Happy Home® Flavorings for over 85 years. Since 1929 they have been crafted with only the purest of ingredients to make your great recipes even better.

We customize; you can print your forms on one page printed front + back. We suggest using 2 sheets so that your supporters can view the selections while they are placing their order. You can print the front of your form with color or standard toner. You can print what you need to get started and re-print more as they are needed. We can start on your forms if you enter your group's information in a text box during free checkout.
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