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POWERFUL trifold scratch a thon donation card.

25¢ to $5 footprints raise $220 plus $60 more for silver & gold medals

graphic artist designs back of card, free set up and shipping USA coast to coast

*Why should we pay for the card? Good question!

Use of the 15% free cards with free thank you gifts helps earn most of your project cost back, please call for more information.

Our Authorize.net secure cart accepts VISA, MasterCard & Discover cards. PayPal & school purchase orders are also accepted.

POWERFUL Trifold Thon Fund Raiser
personalized donation scratch card
with your information, color and logo

download pdffront of card
download pdfback of card

NO pledges to take - NO venue to find and set up - NO collecting pledges later
our oversize thon card raises up to $280 on $18 cost
it has 25¢ to $5 footprints, plus silver & gold medals, 8 cards raise $2,114 profit!

your card is personalized with YOUR group's name
logo or mascot and reason for raising money
these oversized cards are printed with a matte finish on quality cardstock

This helps legitimize your group's efforts as members go into your community. Our powerful THON card raises $220 plus $60 from people who decide to scratch special Silver Medal $10 or Gold Medal $20 spots. Donors have the option of following the footprints of the Silver Course to donate 25¢ to $2 or the footprints of the Gold Course to donate $2 $3 $4 or $5. Reverse side of card has areas provided for recording each level of support by your group's donors. Your group's personalized information is printed inside the red box. Many supporters help more by donating up to an even dollar amount. We provide 15% FREE cards on every order. What this means is that the profit earned with the free cards more than pays for the cost of your entire order. We provide FREE design and set up. Our graphic artist will design the back of your card. We will email a proof for your approval before we print and ship your order. Your benefits include, NO pledges to take, NO venue to find and set up, NO collecting pledges after the event. You can order FREE thank you donor gift cards below or develop your own gift idea or **raffle using our special 99¢ spot.

Zoom...fast FREE shipping, USA coast to coast
your group's personalized with your information cards will arrive in about 7 days
goal charts, money envelopes and summary sheets are included with each order

During checkout use the textbox to enter your group's name, colors and purpose of your fundraising project, as you wish them to appear. Email your group's logo or mascot to: sales@alphafundraising.com We design and email a proof for your approval.
Want help placing your order, call 1-800-953-6783 Monday - Friday 10 to 4 EST

Quantity   7 - 27     28 - 55     56 - 99     100+  
Price $18.00 $17.00 $16.00 $15.00
► earn 93% to 95% profit based upon quantity ordered, we add your free cards

million dollar bills
20 per card purchased

$1.00 $0.00 On Sale!

NO cost, free for the asking!
enter quantity in box below, add to your cart
helps you thank your supporters in a fun way, not legal tender

reverse side message "YOU'RE ONE IN A MILLION"

We provide and ship these free with purchase of Pennies To Dollars scratch cards.
We provide the recommended 20 bills for each scratch card. We also provide more free for use with your free scratch cards!

*Why should we pay for the card? Good question!

Answer: Group members simply asking for a donation may be difficult; use of the card adds an element of scratch off fun and excitement. It encourages people to scratch a spot or two for your cause. The group they are helping and the purpose printed on the card tells family, friends and co-workers exactly WHO and WHAT they are supporting. Our cards offer a 99¢ spot that you can use to set up a drawing for an award for one of your supporters. Use of our card system & supplies help raise the money for you.

more details on main display

**A quick and easy way to do a raffle with our cards.

Offer and promote ONE special prize. Have everyone who donates write their name on the back of the card. At the end of the fundraiser count how many cards have been turned in and shuffle the stack like a deck of cards. Have one group member call out a number between one and however many cards were turned in. That is the winning card. Then have a different member call out a number from one and however many donors have written their names on the winning card. That is your winning supporter! Some ideas for a nice prize would be an admission pass for all events for one year or a gift certificate for a family dinner at a favorite area restaurant. Your group may have a low or no added cost valuable option to offer or a local business may offer an item to promote.

order 7 to 27, your cost each is $18 per card, with 15% free (1 - 4) you earn 93% profit
order 28 to 55, your cost drops to $17 per card, with 15% free (4 - 8) you earn 94% profit
order 56 to 99, your cost drops to $15 per card, with 15% free (8 - 14) you earn 95% profit
order 100 or more, your cost drops to $15 per card, with 15% free (15 or more) you earn over 95% profit

Sorry, we do not accept returns of personalized Pennies To Dollars cards.

Contact Customer Service Toll FREE 1-800-953-6783 Monday thru Friday 10 AM to 4 PM Eastern ST.
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